Widdowshins - You are only sure of where you are after you have left - The Widdowshins Characters

Reverend Phullaposi SigilReverend Simon Phullaposi
The Vicar of the village. Kind, panicky, and a bit of a bumbler, he means well and always tries to do his best in any situation. He has a wife called Elise and is a good friend of Ruby, although this does raise some eyebrows at ecumenical meetings.

Elise's SigilElise Phullaposi
Wife of Vicar Simon, originally from Grenobles in France. Pretty, savvy and nobody’s fool, Elise is the rock that Simon leans on. Elise knew that Widdowshins was for her the moment she arrived, or did she know even before then?

Pearl's SigilPearl
Is Ruby’s twin sister. She makes fantastic cakes and is also a witch of the right hand path. It’s a bit of a family tradition, going back since time immemorial. She lives in the next village along from Ruby. Pearl's familiar is a magpie called Jack.

Liz and Alice's SigilLiz Devizes
& Alice Nutter

A pair of ne’er-do-well old crones, witches of the ‘left hand’ path; the path favoured by the worshippers of demons and the like. They live in and around Widdowshins, causing trouble whenever and wherever they can.

Doctor Hariman's SigilDr. Hariman
Dry, sly and corrupt. A bully with a very bad temper and an evil sense of humour, his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired. Dr. Hariman is not quite who he seems. No one can remember just when and how he came to the village.

Dave Hinchy's SigilDave Hinchy
The bespectacled postman and expert banjo player. All his life people have looked down on him, and this time he's going to show them who's boss.... Once he's been given a bit of power and finished this delivery round.

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