Widdowshins - You are only sure of where you are after you have left - The Widdowshins Characters

Mayor Whittle's SigilMayor Whittle
Not so much a civil servant as a self servant. The Mayor looks out for number one on any occasion and is never backward at pushing himself forward. He is never seen too far away from his two young secretaries, Miss Swanson and Miss Savage, who attend to his every need, whatever the hour.

Phillipe Ferlopp's SigilPhillipe Ferlopp
A frog with grandiose romantic and heroic views, and very strong opinions, but not necessarily the courage to see them through. Despite all this, Phillippe does have a sense of right and wrong, but it all depends on which way the wind is blowing.

Brocken's SigilBrocken
A blackhearted Raven and familiar of Liz Devizes. Ragged-winged, surly and totally self centred, Brocken didn't really want to be a familiar, but was 'born' to it. When things get too much, he can be seen flapping off, either solo, or with a mate, to the peace and serenity of Ramsbottom Village.

Paul Bassey's SigilPaul Bassey
The chauffer-cum-general help of the Mayor. He’s a Rastafarian and is only doing this job because it pays better than anything else he can get... at the moment. He puts up with the mayor's complaints, mainly because he doesn't listen to them. He sees the humour in most situations, and where the mayor is concerned, Paul believes there is a lot to laugh at.

Ian Spratt's SigilInspector Ian Spratt
A man born out of time, Spratt is a fastidious detective, in love with the art deco period and insists that his Sergeant drives him, chauffeur like, in a modified late nineteen forties car. Don't be fooled by this eccentricity, however: he has a sharp mind and prefers quiet thought to brute force.

Sergeant Johnson's SigilSergeant Johnson
Was put 'under the wing' of Spratt, more to keep him out of trouble than to educate him. His belief is that if someone doesn't come quietly, then they'll come unconscious. He is related to a local Police Commissioner and is looking for ways to join the Armed Response Unit. Spratt and the Commissioner are always looking for ways to prevent this from ever happening.

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