Widdowshins - You are only sure of where you are after you have left - The Widdowshins Characters

Arthur Lane's SigilArthur Lane
A journalist for the local newspaper. He dreams of making it big in fleet street and isn't frightened of self publicity. Young, eager and very ambitious, Arthur is always on the look-out for the next 'get rich quick' scheme.

The Fuller Family's SigilThe Fuller Family
Mum, dad, son and a precious daughter. They live in Widdowshins and are great friends of Ruby's. When they hit upon hard times a while back, Ruby had the idea of turning their home into a 'Haunted Hotel'. Since doing so, the Fullers have never looked back.

Edward Fuller's SigilPrivate Edward Fuller
The great grandfather of the Fuller family. He was killed, as a young man, in the third battle of Ypres. He has never forgiven himself that he didn’t make it home to hold his baby child, and now, as a spirit, he stays in the Fuller family home, and looks after whoever is there.

Miguel Caveira's SigilSenhor Miguel Caveira
He comes from Brazil and is a follower of the Brazillian form of Voodoo. He says that he is here to promote a charity from Brazil and to teach Samba, but his motives are dubious to say the least. He is a practitioner of the Black Arts, though this does not mean he is not pragmatic, nor does he lack a sense of honour.

Saint Michael and Lahabiel's SigilSaint Michael and Lahabiel
Warrior angels who come down to rescue and defend Ruby when a couple of demons get a bit 'choice' during their visitation to the Village. Bright, brilliant and supremely just, these are not just pretty little Christmas tree angels: if these dudes turn up, they mean business.

Exu's SigilExu
The Exu is an ambivelent demon, summoned by Caveira to help him in his quest. The demon has his own opinion on what that quest should be, and how it should end. The odd thing about this particular demon is his dream of being a samba singing star.

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