Widdowshins - You are only sure of where you are after you have left - The Widdowshins Characters

Melvin Hedgehog's SigilMelvin Hedgehog
The friend of Tobias. Hippidom never left Melvin, and if he were able to wear a cheesecloth kaftan, then he would. His new age attitudes and demeanour drive Eddy completely up the pole. His main pastime is fishing, usually with his mate Tobias.

The Frost Faeries' SigilPhilomena, Clara and Anna, the frost faeries
These gossamer winged little people inhabit the hills, fields and hedgerows of the village, taking care of animals and avoiding the 'big people' at all costs. They are known to Ruby and they often help each other when required. In winter they are frost faeries, in spring and summer they are sprites.

Joe Jefferson's SigilJoe Jefferson
Joe is a petty thief. It is all he has ever been; it is the only life he knows; but one night Joe gets more than he bargained for when he gets locked up in a prison cell for the night.

Sidonay Samaels' SigilSidonay Samaels
The demon that Bethany unwittingly summons while trying to help her mother and aunt to escape form a 'prison'. Vain, conceited and very short tempered, he is not to be trifled with. Bethany thinks he's been brought here to help her, but he has other ideas.

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