Widdowshins - You are only sure of where you are after you have left - The Widdowshins Characters

Werner Von Klump's SigilWerner Von Klump
Werner is a victim of circumstance; life seems to conspire against him at each turn. Whether it be misunderstood in an overheard conversation, or ending up as POW,or conjuring up unwanted demonic entities by accident, nothing has ever gone quite as he hoped. And all he ever wanted to do was get back to the sweetheart of his youth, Issy.

Issy's SigilIssy
Isolde Eichetücke, Issy, was Werner’s partner, many years ago. Known as Erdbeereis, “Strawberry Ice” because of her unusually cool nature and her choice of wearing strawberry oil perfume. Her words of wisdom still haunt Werner... She’s one of the sexiest, most delicious saxophone players that God had ever given human guise.

Messrs Acacia & Outstag's SigilMessrs Acacia & Outstag
Two patricians of the realm, sworn to keep diplomacy moving and the country on an even keel, no matter how dirty a business that may be. Apparently Governmental mandarins, but to which Government they hold allegiance is anyone's guess.

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