Widdowshins - Where the familiar can be misleading

Richard Ainsworth

Richard AinsworthSpending a couple of decades in graphic design, illustration and the occasional bit of copy writing, it was only after digging into the history of the local church Richard discovered the rich vein of stories that are Widdowshins. He’d always loved history, and the odd, indeed very odd conspiracy theory, so it came as a bit of a surprise to find he was quite literally, sat right on top of what appeared to be a huge one. He loves the research – flowerwhere the most outrageous of ideas suddenly, by deem of fate, actually fall together as ‘fact’.

In the ever increasing line of stories, findings are slipped out, so it’s for the reader to piece them together to work out what the big plot really is. Richard actually lives in the area with his wife, three children and Jack Russell terrier.