Widdowshins - what lurks within is what lurks without
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The Dave Hinchy Code

Widdowshins The Dave Hinchy Code Book Cover

When Dave Hinchy the postman pops the wrong piece of post through Ruby's letterbox, he sets in motion a chain of events he hadn’t accounted for. Dave is mixed up with a secret society, The Rosy Crustaceans, led by a sinister Doctor with some very dubious intentions of world domination – beginning with the annexation of Widdowshins to Hades. Ruby recognises him for what he is and gathers her forces together – her twin sister, her cat, a rather hysterical vicar and a koi carp, off they trot to take on the powers of darkness… St Michael pops in to lend a hand, too.

Read in any order - though the sequence tells more