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Murder Most Fowl

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Inspector Spratt is called to investigate the death of a chicken. It is found, headless, plucked, tattooed all over and laid out in the Vitruvius pose, within a circle of scorched earth in the grounds of a burning farmhouse. Odd to say the least. Spratt hates chickens - they are his phobia. The farmer who owns the chicken farm is missing. In fact the whole farm is deserted. Nevertheless, the Inspector pursues his investigation. The tattoos turn out to be Russian Mafia inking, and his eyes turn to two local characters that have always been on the fringes of gangland activities, Stanley and Czar. But why would they murder a chicken and what have they got involved in? Printing fake sports T shirts is one thing, but discovering that you’ve ripped off the Black Magic practicing arm of the Russian Mob is quite another. They do not fancy ending up as sashleeki. Whatever that is. Can Ruby defeat this whirlwind from the East and what, in reality is the agenda of the two torpedoes, Igor and Leonid, sent by the mafia to sort out Stanley, Czar and the farmer, for something as apparently minor as a few knock-off designer labels? What’s the big issue in this obscure provincial village and what is Igor up to in the graveyard of St. Max using two mobiles at once?

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Read in any order - though the sequence tells more