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Paradise Frost

Widdowshins Paradise rost Book Cover

Winter bites. It’s the coldest winter on record and the spirits of Devizes and Nutter have escaped from their chestnut tree trunk prisons thanks to the meddling of Devizes’ daughter and a particularly irritable demon, Asmodeus, the guardian to the gate of the abyss. The weather is the responsibility of the demon, for he has his own agenda. Releasing Devizes and Nutter was a mere sideshow to throw everybody off the scent of what he’s really up to. In the meantime he needs to get some Joe Soap or other to take the rap. The plan works OK, until the chosen patsy won’t play ball any more, and so he is disposed of, too. Can Ruby and the crew banish the demon and put things to right before the celebration of Imbolc? Can umbrella Kendo in a churchyard banish the unholy? Or will it all be left to tiny Tobias to blunder his way through the snow, fish out the truth and bring home the bacon?

Paradise Frost E-Book Available from December 4th

Paradise Frost Audio Book Available from December 16th

Read in any order - though the sequence tells more