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The Great Ring Sting

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Ruby has misplaced a ring. Has it been stolen, or did it drop off during an evening when she was helping out at the local Indian restaurant? Successful from the early 60’s, the restaurant has recently taken a real down turn in popularity and income. Especially after taking dodgy advice from a buffoon of an accountant. The 60s-obsessed owner, a three-button-suited, Chelsea-booted, Lambretta-riding beat sitar populariser, is convinced that a curse has been put on him and his establishment; that, or an evil spirit is haunting the place. Such creatures play a large part in Indian black magic. Spirits can come in sealed bottles, and not only those from the beverage wholesaler. The Restrateur’s bone-idle son, on the other hand, just wants his dad to sell up and live the life of a playboy whilst the limited cash allows.

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Read in any order - though the sequence tells more