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The Triumph of the Bill

The Triumph of the Bill - by Richard Ainsworth

Before ’The Hand Over The Candle’ Widdowshins had been subject to earlier ‘visitations’. This is one such story. Wilhelm ‘Werner’ Von Klump is old. He knows it. He fears that his time on this earth will not be long. He spends a lot of time thinking. Then a political broadcast by the mayor on TV stirs in him a long distant memory; it motivates him to retrieve a box he had hidden away for ‘insurance’ purposes quite sometime ago, in another time, another life. But now, coming to the end of his days, this just might be his chance to cheat the Fates, and death one last time. Can it be true that hapless Werner has actually summoned up the lady of the lake, Lancelot, Himmler and other less than desirable entities to Widdowshins?

The Triumph of the Bill E-Book Available from 2nd February 2016

Read in any order - though the sequence tells more